I SOLISTI YoungStars

Musically gifted young people get development opportunities thanks to I SOLISTI YoungStars. Together with the youngsters and their environment, a tailor-made course of action is mapped out, for which a high level of motivation and commitment is required. The YoungStars receive a superior artistic education as well as concert opportunities and all this under the guidance of an ensemble member of I SOLISTI, who is assigned to the YoungStar as a mentor.

If you are between 10 and 18 years young, have a talent for classical music and cherish big musical dreams, then the I SOLISTI YoungStars might be for you!

Who are our YoungStars?

At the moment there are 12 YoungStars: Sebastiaan Aerts (trumpet), Simon Binon (trumpet), Matthias Debrabandere (trumpet), Warre Dendievel (trumpet), Hendrik Kuijpers (horn), Dorian Scheck (horn), Jappe Dendievel (bassoon), Rob Laethem (bassoon), Yoran Ambroes (trombone), Lore Lamote (flute), Mathijs Everts (percussion) and Robbert Van de Cloot (percussion).

Who are our mentors?

 Simon Van Hoecke (trumpet), Anthony Devriendt (horn), Francis Pollet (bassoon), Bram Fournier/Jan Smets (trombone), Lieve Goossens (flute) and Carlo Willems (percussion).

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This is how we take the YoungStars to the next level

We compose an individual trajectory, taking into account your current level and your ambition. This can consist of:

  • group-oriented lessons
  • participation in I SOLISTI concerts
  • preparation for + support at (international) competitions
  • a six-monthly evaluation in order to adjust your individual trajectory
  • master classes and workshops
  • annual I SOLISTI YoungStar concerts

Six to eight times a year all YoungStars come together for interesting workshops and lessons (individual and chamber music), with a cultural activity afterwards.

For whom?

Our YoungStars are driven young artists aged 10 to 18 who are bursting with enthusiasm for furthering their musical careers and who want to grow as musicians alongside a mentor.

Important facts


  • The YoungStar programme runs parallel to the lessons in the part-time arts education programme and is not a replacement. There is always close consultation between you, your teacher in the DKO and your mentor within I SOLISTI.
  • Our YoungStars have an exceptional artistic talent. The Ministry of Education has awarded the status of Top Artist to some of them. This is not a prerequisite for participation, a solid dose of ambition is.
  • YoungStars is one of the initiatives within I SOLISTI ACADEMY with which the ensemble wants to stimulate young talented artists and offer them opportunities for further development of their talent.

On our program:

YoungStars (c) Koen Broos

I SOLISTI YoungStars!

YoungStars and mentors on stage

YoungStars (c) Gonda Cleynhens

Help! The cake is on fire!

A musical picture story by I SOLISTI YoungStars

Registration and participation

 As soon as the registration link is online and we have received your registration, we will put the puzzle together with the jury. We will then let you know the exact time when you are expected. It is best to keep the whole audition day free.

After the audition, you will have the opportunity to hear the current YoungStars perform live.

Wat verwachten we van jou op de auditie? 

  • You play a 15-minute programme with at least 2 contrasting works
  • You will play at least 1 work accompanied by another instrument
  • You will provide your own accompanist


 Do you doubt your eligibility or do you have questions about the project or the application? Do not hesitate to contact us at cindy@isolisti.be.

I SOLISTI YoungStars raise their voice

Jappe – 16 years old

Thanks to my mentor at I SOLISTI I was able to go to Amsterdam and Basel this year for master classes with Gustavo Nuñez and Sergio Azzolini. I was overwhelmed with happiness.

Dorian – 14 years

I am really looking forward to making music with Anthony. I also want to get to know the other young people better because they make me want to make music even more.

Warre – 13 years

I think it’s great that I can get trumpet lessons from a teacher from the conservatoire. He not only teaches me how to play technically well, he also teaches me a lot about musicality. He is also very enthusiastic and sympathetic. I am also looking forward to doing chamber music with Dorian and the brass teachers.