WILD is a transdisciplinary performance in which audio, theatre and music come together.

WILD tells the story of a woman looking for ‘her place in nature’. About the difficulty of putting aside being human and the impossibility of getting lost.

A teacher is on a school trip with a group of eleven-year-olds. Out of the bus and into the subtropical swimming pool. We see how she floats on her back along the plastic rocks and how a machine activates the waves. In the evening, when the children are in bed, the teacher is pulled outside. She feels her body start to run. Crawling under a hole in the fence, sneaking through a backyard, into the woods. As if it were her own wildness, suppressed for so long, that it suddenly jumps to the surface, hungry for what it has lost.

The school bus leaves. The teacher secretly stays behind. Her husband and daughter do the dishes together. Don’t worry, most of them will be back within twenty-four hours.




A coproduction of I SOLISTI, B-Classic, Het Nieuwstedelijk and C-Takt.
With the support of Sabam for Culture, the Flemish Community Commission and the Flemish Government

Text, direction and audio: Lucas Derycke
Composition: Frederik Neyrinck
Live music: I SOLISTI with Seraphine Stragier (cello), Bertel Schollaert (saxophone), Tom De Cock (percussion)
Dramaturgy: Els Theunis
Acting: Matthias Van de brul
Live audio and bruitage: Lucas Derycke Voice: Ellis Meeusen