Serenades for Winds


Originality reigns in the most beautiful wind music of the 18th and 19th centuries. Mozart wrote his Serenade in B flat, KV 361 or Gran Partita. This serenade is certainly grand: the work transcends Harmoniemusik in all its facets and emphasises the grandeur and warm sound of oboe, clarinet, basset horn and bassoon pairs in combination with four French horns. The Gran Partita contains everything: pride, seriousness, stateliness, humour, melancholy, mystery, love and affection.

Antonín Dvořák wrote his wind serenade in one go at the beginning of 1878. The work has the same basic arrangement as Mozart’s Gran Partita. But Dvořák also uses many new elements. For example, he expands the arsenal with a double bassoon and a solid string bass in cello and double bass. The composer meanders effortlessly through French Rococo motifs, Eastern harmonies and German folk melodies. Yet through all these different styles, Dvořák’s Czech homeland continues to ring out. It is a serenade in which the sun shines through every note!





Music W. A. Mozart and Antonin Dvořák
Ensemble I SOLISTI