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“Decleir tells the story of horror to the music of Frederik Neyrinck. The Fleming wrote cunning sounds for four wind instruments and two singers. Sometimes they are thin vignettes, such as a smothered duet for trumpet and trombone. Sometimes, bass clarinet and bassoon drive a tight intermezzo. However modern, the 1910s consistently shine through the notes, from Stravinsky to Folies Bergère.

Guido van Oorschot – de Volkskrant on Landru, 24 september 2020, Amsterdam

Photo by ©Julie Rommelaere



A witty trial of a murder case without corpses

Het Banket, I SOLISTI and the Vlaams Radiokoor present a theatrical concert of the illustrious case of French serial killer Henri-Désiré Landru.

This bourgeois man, husband and father of four has an extraordinary attraction for women. For four years (1915-1919) the charming Landru lures no fewer than 283 ladies, mostly widows who lost their husbands in the Great War. He promised the richest among them heaven, but eventually they disappeared into his oven. Apart from high piles of clothes and some ashes, nothing remains of his victims.

The only witness to these atrocities is Landru himself. But during his trial he does not mince his words and refutes, often in a shrewd or even comical way, every indication that points to him as the culprit. The trial of his heinous deeds becomes so hilarious that it sometimes resembles a comedy: “This is not a theatre, monsieur Landru! This performance is an exciting portrait of this gruesome prankster, whose secret may never be fully revealed.




 “The composition – incidental music for wind quartet, two singers and narrator – is of a high level and makes the most of the small cast. Decleir is such a master of storytelling that everyone hangs on his every word from beginning to end.”

Peter ’t Hart – Place de l’opera about Landru, 25 september 2020, Amsterdam

Landru is a production of Het Banket, I SOLISTI and Vlaams Radiokoor, in collaboration and with thanks to Klara.

Acting Jan Decleir
Ensemble I SOLISTI in collaboration with Vlaams Radiokoor with Francis Pollet (bassoon), Bram Fournier/Joren Elsen (trombone), Simon Van Hoecke (trumpet) and Tomonori Takeda (clarinet), Kelly Poukens (soprano) and Jolien De Gendt (soprano).

Concept Het Banket in collaboration with Francis Pollet
Text and direction  Tristan Versteven, Brechtje Louwaard
Music Frederik Neyrinck


This production will be Flemish spoken