Homo Deus Frankenstein

The war of robots, a GPS route to our heart, a tea visit to a cyborg…

Homo Deus Frankenstein is a musical-movie experience for children and families (8+) about the ‘makeability’ of our world/life.

Our society is changing at an incredible speed. Everything suddenly seems to be automated and digitised. Sometimes even our emotions. A fierce but also exciting world to be young in!

Departing from the themes in the works Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) and Faust (Goethe), a contemporary story is created in which man and robot try to become a better version of themselves.

Homo Deus Frankenstein is a performance that reads and listens like one exciting big musical picture story around the many substantive questions we are asking ourselves today: What is manufacturable in a young life? Why are we so keen to create ‘better versions’ of ourselves, e.g. on social media? Are we who we are, or how we show ourselves? Where is that difficult boundary between vulnerability and perfection?




HOMO DEUS FRANKENSTEIN won the STELLA19 in the category best design and video (Jens Burez, Kenneth Michiels).

The STELLA-Darstellender.Kunst.Preis für junges Publikum has been awarded since 2007 to outstanding theatre productions for young audiences in Austria and is an initiative of ASSITEJ Austria. 






© Kenneth Michiels

Homo Deus Frankenstein is a production of I SOLISTI, KOPERGIETERY, KGBe and makemake produktionen. 

Concept and creation Johan De Smet, Sara Ostertag
Music Frederik Neyrinck
Ensemble I SOLISTI with Tomonori Takeda (klarinet), Francis Pollet (bassoon), Simon Van Hoecke (trumpet), Bram Fournier / Jan Smets (trombone), Carlo Willems (percussion)
Cinematographer Kenneth Michiels
Actors Marjan De Schutter, Martina Rösler, Alice Toen (video)
Design Jens Burez
Constumes Leentje Kerremans, Valerie Le Roy
Sound – light- technology Korneel Moreaux,
Jeroen Doise, Jan Bekaert

Conceived in co-production with KlaraFestival and Schäxpir Festival. With the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels.