Help! The cake is on fire! 

A musical cartoon by I SOLISTI YoungStars


Driess the Dragon cannot blow out the candles on his birthday cake. And you can’t make a wish until your candles are out.

Bertha Bever is his best friend. At her birthday party, Bertha blows out her candles one by one. How does she do that? Maybe Bertha can teach him to blow?

Help! The cake is on fire’ is a beautifully evocative musical picture story. Illustrations, music and text are inseparable. And yet the drawings and musical notes also have their own voice.

Trumpet player Simon Van Hoecke is the creative inventor of this production. As a passionate ensemble member and mentor of the Young Stars, he rewrote the music of Help! De Taart staat in brand! especially for I SOLISTI YoungStars. This is the first time our YoungStars are working on their own production.





© Gonda Cleynhens

Help! The cake is on fire! is a creative idea of Simon Van Hoecke, reworked for the YoungStars of I SOLISTI.

Music Simon Van Hoecke
Ensemble I SOLISTI YoungStars
Text Ann Van Dessel
Illustrations Gonda Cleynhens