De Profundis 


The deeply Christian idea that darkness only comes to light in the depths has more than once been brilliantly transformed into music. In Gubaydoelina’s De profundis, a stammering bayan makes an intense journey through the darkness. Haas’ masterly wind piece La profondeur also takes a dive into unfathomable waters. With only unearthly low wind instruments, the composer conjures up a dizzying acoustic abyss. The elusive is also the subject of the fascinating music by the Spanish composer Posadas. With these bottomless sonorities in mind, Daan Janssens composes a new work about the relationship between the higher and the lower, light and darkness.





Music Sofia Goebajdoelina, Alberto Posadas, Georg Friedrich Haas and Daan Janssens
Ensemble I SOLISTI
Conductor Manoj Kamps