I SOLISTI NextGeneration Artist

With the I SOLISTI NextGenertion Artist track we offer promising musicians a forum to support them with tailor-made guidance in their further development from young talent to internationally enterprising and professional musicians. With this path, I SOLISTI not only pays attention to the further development of the musical talent, but also to personal development, communication advice, financial advice, stage training and concert experience. After all, the creation and development of a professional network is crucial for gaining a foothold in the musical landscape.

To become part of the I SOLISTI NextGeneration Artists, the young musicians are expected to take responsibility, to have artistic ideas and to fit in well with the group. They should also be able to cope with the level of I SOLISTI. Thus, they can be asked to play with the ensemble where feasible and desirable and, in time, grow into a core member and even lead the ensemble on stage.

Who is our NextGeneration Artist?

Balder Dendievel (°2002) started playing the oboe at the age of 5. He was taught by Jan Wauters at the Bruges Municipal Conservatory. At the age of 10, Balder joined the Jeugd en Muziek Orkest Oost-Vlaanderen, where he was active for 4 years. From 2016 to 2018, he was an oboe instructor in the Euregio Jeugdorkest. With the Internationale Junge Orchesterakademie (Weiden, Germany) he toured Germany in April 2017 and recorded a CD for the Bayerische Rundfunk. Balder has already been invited by the orchestras Nuove Musiche, the Symphony Orchestra of La Monnaie, the National Orchestra of Belgium and the orchestra of the HfM Weimar, Germany. In November 2014, he was allowed to perform Cimarosa’s oboe concerto with the Youth and Music Orchestra East Flanders after a soloist competition. Furthermore, Balder won prizes at “Vlamo”, “Sonatina”, “Young Soloists by the Sea” and “The eMuse International Online Competition”. In 2015 year he started his part-time bachelor’s degree in oboe at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, in the class of Luk Nielandt. In February 2017, Balder became 2nd laureate of the “Oboe Competition” of the Symphonic Youth Orchestra Edegem and the Astria Hobo Trio. As a result, he played the first movement of the oboe concerto by W. A. Mozart with this orchestra. Furthermore, he could be heard as a soloist in concertos by Bach, Marcello, Vivaldi and Richard Strauss. In February 2018, Balder won on oboe as the youngest candidate in the second edition of the Honda Competition for Classical Music between the Belgian music conservatories. The final recital was heard live on Musiq’3. In December 2018, Balder became a finalist of the Young Belgian Talent competition.

From October 2019, Balder will continue his oboe studies at the Hochschule für Musik ‘Hanns Eisler’ in Berlin, in the class of Prof. Dominik Wollenweber.