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weg van verdriet

It seems as if people meet more easily in a sea of space than in a crowded room. As if they are being sucked towards each other. The personal perimeter that everyone jealously guards to keep strangers at a safe distance suddenly becomes smaller. We no longer repel others when they come too close, but seek them out. Encounters with strangers are often conducted by touch. How much do you give away? How much do you keep to yourself? A game of give and take develops. The more you get, the more you share.

On a bleak November morning, two characters meet on the beach. He, the musician, is on the road with his grief that is so big it has a name. She, the dancer, is on the run from her grief, but it is hot on her heels. The encounter seems inevitable and in meeting each other, they unexpectedly encounter themselves. Both discover something about their own grief that they did not know yet. This makes them experience grief differently, each in their own way.
The performance consists of a prologue, three parts and an epilogue. In the further deepening of the two characters, the shared feeling of grief and the different interpretation they both give it are central. In the prologue, each of them expresses his or her own experience of grief, independently of the other. During the three parts, both characters go through an evolution that is opposite to each other. The musician evolves from ‘safe’ grief, through shared grief, to tormented by grief. The dancer evolves from fleeing ‘unbearable’ grief, via shared grief, to ‘restrained’ grief. The epilogue has not yet been completed, but may offer a glimpse into the future of one or both characters.





©  Laura Daelemans 

Clarinetist-performer Toon Quanten

Dancer Laura Daelemans 

Concept Toon Quanten
Music Jasper Charlet and Frederik Neyrinck
Choreography Laura Daelemans
Text Michèle Delagrange
Construction harmonium and installationToon Quanten

Coaching Francis Pollet (Artistic Director I SOLISTI), Frederik Neyrinck (Artist in Residence I SOLISTI) and Jochem Naafs (dramaturge and maker)

This project is part of I SOLISTI MakerSpace, a development trajectory for young makers.