I SOLISTI MakerSpace

 MakerSpace is a three-year programme for talented and imaginative makers with ambition. Under the wings of I SOLISTI they search for their own artistic voice. In this development process, the artist’s creativity is stimulated and experimentation and innovation are encouraged. MakerSpace offers many opportunities for development, not only artistically but also in terms of business and organisation, depending on the needs and personal emphases the artist wishes to place.

MakerSpace is one of the trajectories of I SOLISTI ACADEMY, with which the ensemble creates opportunities for young talented musicians, makers and composers.


Who are our Young Creators?

Toon Quanten (°1982) played clarinet/bass clarinet professionally with a.o. de Munt, SPECTRA, HERMESensemble, Terra Nova Collective. Besides several collaborations, he created as solo performer Toon moves (2015), Toon op Toon (2018), Not a walk in the park (2019) – see toonquanten.be. He has a passion for furniture design and woodworking, for creation and experimentation of a.o. a reed binder, media for audience interaction, and currently a harmonium. Toon is a musician and performer, an architect and stage designer, a (wood) builder and technician. This unique combination enables him to touch people with music, carry them away in his performances, make them believe and dream with his staging, let them experience and live or (co)guide and (co)create through his technical craftsmanship.


Project Toon Quanten: 





Jasper Charlet (°1997) is a (contra)bassoon player, composer and arranger. As a child, he took bassoon lessons with Geert Philips and later recorded AMT with Stefan Van Puymbroeck. At the age of sixteen he began his higher studies at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, where he studied with Francis Pollet (bassoon), Filip Neyens (contrabassoon), Wim Henderickx, Alain Craens and Luc Van Hove (composition). As a composer and arranger, he has already worked with ensembles such as I Solisti and Night of the Proms. The opening movement of his bassoon concertino was performed in 2017 by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra with Oliver Engels as soloist as part of SoundMine, an annual composition workshop. In 2019 he wrote music for the production Mars om de macht (to forfeit) by I SOLISTI and Jan Decleir which toured through Flanders and the Netherlands. Outside of his formal studies, he has also taken composition classes with George De Decker, Jeroen D’hoe, Diederik Glorieux, Daan Janssens and Frederik Neyrinck, among others.

Project Jasper Charlet: