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I SOLISTI Composers Lab 2021 is organized by I SOLISTI in collaboration with B-Classic en C-mine – Genk, with special thanks to LUCA School of Arts.

Important data en deadlines

  • You can register via the registration form until Monday 15.01.2021
  • End of January: announcement of selection
  • February: meeting with the filmmakers
  • Mid-April: forward first draft compositions
  • End of April: Feedback session with head coach
  • Early July: inclusion of the versions as they are at that time
  • Mid/end of July: Feedback session with head coach
  • 23.08.21-27.08.21: C-Mine course week
  • 27.08.21: showcase

In order to be able to work well together, we ask you to be present on all dates and the course week specified. It is of course possible to make digital appointments for the moments that precede Composers Lab.


There are five animated films available. You can choose one of them to write music on.


You work independently on the score, which is ready for the start of the course. The maximum line-up for which you write is:

  • flute (also piccolo)
  • oboe (also English horn)
  • clarinet (also Es-clarinet or Bass-clarinet)
  • bassoon (no contrabassoon)
  • horn
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • violoncello
  • double bass
  • percussion (no timpani, cymbals, toms, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, small percussion)

There is one player per instrument and for percussion you stick to the specified setup.