Guiding, supporting and motivating young talent is one of the ensemble’s core activities. I SOLISTI ACADEMY develops in four concrete platforms: YoungStars, NextGeneration Artist, MakerSpace and Composers Lab. All four trajectories are is about creating opportunities and to stimulate and inspire young talented musicians, creators and composers. Sufficient time and space to develop yourself and find your own artistic voice, are important conditions for success.


Tailor-made course for talented teenagers

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I SOLISTI wants to create opportunities for musically gifted teenagers and stimulate them to develop themselves further. Together with the youngsters and their environment, a tailor-made trajectory is mapped out. Accompanied by their mentor, the teenagers write their own story in an uninhibited way.

NextGeneration Artist

Title for promising musicians die I SOLISTI toekent

Za 13 → Wo 17 februari 2021   

I SOLISTI grants the title NextGeneration Artist to young, promising wind players with soloistic ambition. The ensemble offers them customised accompaniment to bridge the final step from upcoming talent to an internationally entrepreneurial and professional musician.

MakerSpace Kortfilm

Tailor-made course for young talented makers

Za 13 → Wo 17 februari 2021   

With MakerSpace, I SOLISTI wants to support passionate young creators and offer them plenty of opportunities. The focus is on development, experimentation and innovation. In this way I SOLISTI wants to help beginning artists find their personal artistic signature and make an essential difference in their creative thinking.

Composers Lab Short film

Annual masterclass composing

Sa 13 → We 17 February 2021 

During Composers Lab we investigate contemporary musical possibilities for the visual medium. The course creates the opportunity for young, international composers to collaborate intensively with an established ensemble. They are professionally and artistically accompanied by experienced composers and the young conductor Martijn Dendievel.
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